We have had great success installing all types of concrete work. Here is a list of our specialties:

Colored patios, stained, stamped, exposed aggregate, broom finish and rock salt finish. Sealed patios, decorative patios, decorative bordered patios, etc.

We do driveways that are stamped or finished in the manner you desire. We do walkways and pathways that can meander through your yard. We also do concrete design work.

After working with and around concrete for over 30 years, we know how to install concrete will add value to your home and stand the test of time.

At Integrity, we prep the concrete area by making sure there is a stable base on which to place the concrete. Concrete patios are only as good as their foundation. Rebar or other products can be installed to reduce the chances of cracking, especially when placed on expansive soils.

We service the following areas in CA: Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Loomis, Folsom, Penryn, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, North Highlands, Orangevale, Auburn, Rancho Cordova, Gold River and West Sacramento.

Call us to see what we can do for you.

Ron Owen, Jr.
Integrity Landscaping and Concrete

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Things to consider before you have a contractor install concrete for you:

  • Determine how much concrete you need
  • Choose a shape and/or color that will compliment the rest of your property
  • Choose a finish that you like that will meet your needs
  • All colored concrete if not sealed will fade
  • Consider the lay of the land before pouring concrete
  • Consider drainage needs and accessibility for drains, irrigation and wiring before placement begins
  • Make sure concrete slopes away from the house for the first four feet
  • Make sure control joints and expansion joints are up to code
  • Always use a concrete contractor who has a C-8 License and who has liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Make sure you have 2″ clearance under the stucco to prevent moisture problems
  • Grading, conduit installation and underground work should be completed before concrete is placed


The Process:

  • Forms are set and stakes installed to keep the forms correct
  • Proper compaction is checked before installing road base or gravel
  • Weather conditions and moisture content of sub-grade must be acceptable before pouring
  • Concrete is placed in the forms and leveled, then immediately bull floated
  • Concrete is then edged and troweled
  • Control joints are then placed into the concrete
  • Depending on the finish you choose, it will either be exposed, stamped, rock salted, or broom finished


I am a concrete contractor with over 29 years of experience. I service:

  • Granite Bay, CA
  • Roseville, CA
  • Loomis, CA
  • El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Lincoln, CA
  • Auburn, CA
  • Penryn, CA
  • Citrus Heights, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Rocklin, CA
  • Carmichael, CA
  • Placer County California
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